NFC's Cherokee

On a bitter cold January afternoon in 1990, an elegant black and white 9 month old filly, covered in a tiny red blanket, and encased in a greyhound sized shipping crate, was forklifted off a plane at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. NFC’s Cherokee Maiden walked calmly up the makeshift ramp to my newly customized pickup in the unflappable, regal style I have come to know and love, and Mocha Miniatures was born.

NFC's Cherokee Maiden with Mocha's CC Cherokee Frostfyre
NFC's Cherokee Maiden at age 19

Cherokee represents the dedication  to quality that has been the hallmark of my breeding program from its inception. She merits her own page, so please visit her there to see her contributions –14 foals, many with World titles, more than 40 ‘grandfoals’ and a slew of great grand foals - to Mocha Miniatures and to the Miniature Horse breed.

Situated on a gently sloping hillside, with views of the NH capital, Mocha Miniatures is set on 9 acres in the beautiful bedroom community of Bow, NH. We are intentionally small, caring for an average of 18-22 horses, with an annual foal crop of 4-6. This enables all of the horses to receive daily hands on love and attention.

   Mocha's Penny Royal

We specialize in AMHA registered horses, who must mature no taller than 34”. However most of our horses are ‘double registered’, carrying papers from the AMHR as well.

World Horse Show
Cindy with
Mocha's CC Skywalker

We enthusiastically support the AMHA Futurity Program, and although at times some of our stallions may be expecting only a foal or two, we nominate them every year, as well as almost every foal we register. We have had great personal success with the Futurity program, and believe that the extra investment of the fees involved are a statement of confidence in our breeding program. We feel that a Futurity nominated foal provides its new owner with added value and incentive to show.


Mocha's Cherokee Angel Feather

We also offer cash back show incentives, as well as interest free time payments for qualified buyers. Lifetime consulting services are ‘free’ and as close as your phone or email, and all of our Mocha miniatures are always welcome to return home.

Mocha's Boogerman's Kara Mia

The mares I originally selected, and the ones that have been born here and retained for our broodmare band, represent the best the breed has to offer – each top show quality, most boasting records and titles attesting to that fact, and carrying both classic as well as currently fashionable bloodlines. Our mare page has all the details and more pictures of course. Many are close descendants of Rowdy, also FWF Little Blue Boy, Egyptian King, FWF Wardance, and Gold Melody Boy.

CC Cherokee Treasure
Keep Her In Kalico

My stallions were all chosen or bred by me to complement these special ladies, and possess the same high quality of conformation, pedigree, and winning show records. Crossing our special ladies on our Roan Ranger (Gold Melody Boy) son Arista’s Choctaw Charlie, and on multiple World Top Ten Open and Amateur stallion Mocha’s Keep It Blue (Egyptian King/Blue Boy) has proven especially magical.  And now we have added our Keep It Blue Son (from our outstanding producer and Boogerman daughter, Bar B Boogerman's Queen) Mocha's Boogerman's Royal Blue to our stallion roster. 

Mocha's Boogerman's Royal Blue
Arista's Choctaw Charlie
Mocha's Boogerman's
Royal Blue

Arista's Choctaw Charlie
Keep It Blue

Mocha's CC Skywalker

Simply stated, we have been extremely successful. Quality breeds quality, and the success of our homebreds is well documented, with horses carrying our Mocha prefix winning multiple Supreme Halter titles, both open and amateur, countless Grand Championships and New England Year End Championships, Eastern  Regional Championships and Reserve Championships and Top Tens, multiple AMHA Honor Roll placings, more than 30 World Top Tens in Open Halter, Amateur Halter, and Futurity, including two open halter World Reserve Championships a Futurity World Championship, and two Futurity World Reserve Championships – all in AMHA competition. All this from a foal crop averaging 4-6 per year! And although my horses have been at times presented on a national level by professionals, virtually all of the training, conditioning and preparation (not to mention mucking and midwifing!) is done by yours truly. In that context, three of my mares have won the Eastern Championship AOTE (Amateur Owned, Trained and Exhibited) Mare title in separate years, a very gratifying accomplishment.

Mocha's CC Litonya Gold
Mocha's CC Skywalker
& Cindy
Cherokee Chieftain
CC Litonya Gold  


Yours Truly!

I am incredibly proud of my breeding program and the winning show records of the horses I have bred. I’m glad you have found your way to our little corner of New England, and I hope you will stay a while and visit my mares and stallions, as well as our current foals, and horses for sale. Please also visit our ‘archives’ for some beautiful photos of our horses over the years, as well as some of our classic print ads. You might also find interesting and informative some of the articles I have written, and interviews with various publications.

I love to show off my horses, and they are all very social and thoroughly enjoy having company, so I encourage you to arrange for a personal visit as well, if at all possible. You won’t be disappointed.  |  Return to Top of Page