After 20 years of sleepless Springs,
the mares and I are taking a break,
but we WILL be back!

Take a look below at our foals of the last few years, including

Our 2010 Foals

one by
Boogerman's Royal Blue
and one by
Choctaw Charlie
Mocha's Penny Royal Arista's Choctaw Charlie

Charlie's 2010 Foal is a Colt
Welcome Mocha's CC Terra Cotta Gold, "Tico"
Tico is Available For Purchase
See details on our Sale Horses page

Mocha's CC Terra Cotta Gold

After 3 oh so different, but oh so spectacular Charlie foals from our "Feather", here is #4, perhaps her best yet!

Mocha's CC Terra Cotta Gold Mocha's CC Terra Cotta Gold
Mocha's CC Terra Cotta Gold Mocha's CC Terra Cotta Gold


Mocha's Cherokee Angel Feather Mocha's Cherokee Angel Feather
Mocha's Cherokee Angel Feather

32" Feather retired from the show ring after the AMHA World Show in 2004 at age 6, completing a star-studded 5½ year show career which included dozens of Grand Championships and New England Year End Awards as a junior and senior mare, multiple Amateur Grand Championships, AMHA Honor Roll Top Tens, Supreme Halter Titles, the Eastern Regional Aote Mare Championship,  Eastern Championship Top Tens, and World Top Tens as both a Junior and Senior Mare in Amateur, Color, Youth, and Produce of Dam.

Feather's first three Charlie foals are pictured below. They are totally distinct from each other, and a repeat of any one of them would make me very happy!  Mocha's CC Litonya Gold, "Tonya", with her pretty blaze, inherited all of her Dad's beautiful movement. Mocha's CC Lucky Doctor B,  "Dice", with that same movement, plus his Mom's color and blue eyes, is already a Supreme Halter Champion.  Dice brought home a Futurity Top Ten from the 2008 World Show, and will continue his show career, adding several performance divisions in the future. Mocha's CC Miakoda Gold, "Kodie", has been making us proud in his halter and color and Liberty classes with amateur owner, Ellen Farrin in Maine.

No doubt great things are in store for "Tico" as he follows in his sister's and brothers' hoofprints. Meet full siblings "Tonya", "Dice", and "Kodie".

Mocha's CC Litonya Gold
Mocha's CC Litonya Gold
Mocha's CC Litonya Gold

Feather's 2006 Charlie filly, Mocha's CC Litonya Gold, "Tonya"

Mocha's CC Lucky Doctor B
Mocha's CC Lucky Doctor B
Feather's 2007 Charlie colt,
Mocha's CC Lucky Doctor B, "Dice"

Kodie Kodie

Feather's 2009 Charlie colt,
Mocha's CC Miakoda Gold, "Kodie"


Royal's 2010 foal is also a colt
Welcome Mocha's Royal Sterling!
"Sterling" is SOLD!

Mocha's Royal Sterling
Mocha's Royal Sterling Mocha's Royal Sterling

"Sterling" is a tiny silver black colt who stole the hearts of Lauren and Dan Sullivan when
only a few months old. Congratulations to Lauren and Dan of Walpole, MA,
now the proud owners of Sterling!

Mocha's Royal Sterling and Lauren
Sterling and Lauren heading for home.

Sterling is a full sibling to Mocha's Penny Royal.

Mocha's Penny Royal Mocha's Penny Royal

Penny, as a yearling, came home from the 2006 AMHA World Show with 2 Top Tens in
AOTE Mares and Amateur Junior Mares - Level 2, and a World Reserve Futurity title!
Penny also won the 2006 Eastern Championship AOTE Mare title!  In 2007, Penny 
won two World Top Tens in Amateur Junior Mares - Level 2, and the AOTE Two Year
Old Mare Futurity. In 2008, as a senior mare, Penny brought home two more World Top Ten titles in Amateur Senior Mares - Level 2, and AOTE Senior Mares, as well as multiple
Supreme Halter Titles both amateur and open!

NFC Dark's Spice of Life
NFC Dark's Spice of Life, age 19 and
5 months pregnant

Penny's and Sterling's mom, NFC Dark's Spice of Life is one of my original NFC mares, purchased as a yearling in 1990 and shown to multiple AMHA Grands and Supremes over many years. (NFC Miniature Horse Farm, was home to Rowdy, Boogerman and Egyptian King during their glory years, and had a huge positive influence on the entire industry.)  'Spice' is a Dark Destroyer daughter, and her dam is also dam of NFC Egyptian Kings Keepsake, two time World Reserve Champion, and sire of multiple World Champions. Spice has done her outstanding job with this handsome colt. And proving that she is remarkable with whomever she is paired. Here is her beautiful Charlie daughter, Mocha's CC Cinnamon Spirit, maternal half sister to Sterling.

Mocha's CC Cinnamon Spirit



2009 Arista's Choctaw Charlie Sons

Kodie Quinn

 X  Mocha's Cherokee Angel Feather

X  NFC's Cherokee Maiden


Cherokee Quin
NFC's Cherokee Maiden

Mocha's CC Cherokee Harlequin,

Mocha's CC Cherokee Harlequin, "Quinn", is Cherrie's 15th foal, 6th by Charlie. These foals are snapped up before weaning every year, and his picture speaks for itself. Check out full brother Scout under 2008 foals. We are very happy that he will be staying fairly close by with Linda Cameron-Davis of Pippin Hill in Newburgh, Maine, and look forward to Linda and Quinn accompanying us to the World Show in the future. We have also retained breedings,and are already excited about Quinn carrying on in his beautiful mom's footsteps. 

Quinn, Linda and Bijou
Quinn with Linda and Bijou



Mocha's Cherokee Angel Feather
Mocha's Cherokee Angel Feather
Kodie's Dam
Kodie Kodie
Mocha's CC Miakoda Gold, "Kodie" Kodie and Ellen

Miakoda is a Native American word meaning 'power of the moon', and this flashy little guy sent us over the moon with his outstanding conformation and color.  Mom, Mocha's Cherokee Angel Feather, surprises us each year with her totally distinctive and beautiful foals.  We are thrilled that Kodie has been purchased by Ellen and Ken Farrin of Little Deer Isle, Maine. Kodie and Ellen completed their first year of show competition with heaps of year end awards!


Our 2008 Foals!

Mocha's Gold Plated Promise
Mocha's Boogerman's Promise

Mocha's CC Gold Plated Promise,

Mom-Mocha's Boogerman's Promise

Mocha's Boogerman's Promise, our petite World Top 5 Senior Mare, gave us another perfect little  Charlie colt, almost identical to his accomplished older brother Mocha's CC Promise of Gold.

Mocha's CC Promise of Gold

Mocha's CC Promise of Gold, "Pogo"

"Beau", however, will probably never see 31"!  Beau IS a true horse in miniature, complete with a gorgeous head, long upright neck, and that trademark Charlie body - beautiful silhouette with a laid back shoulder and great hip.  He tracks impeccably,  and this little guy can MOVE! 

UPDATE - Here he is as a handsome grown up gelding! Barely 31" at age 3, just as 'promised'. He is proudly offered for sale. More details available on our Sale Horses page.

Mocha's CC Gold Plated Promise Mocha's CC Gold Plated Promise
Mocha’s CC Gold Plated Promise,



Scout's Dam
NFC's Cherokee Maiden
at age 21

NFC's Cherokee Maiden gave us foal # 14, her 5th Arista's Choctaw Charlie foal, a spectacular, symmetrically marked bay tovero pinto colt, complete with the  presence and attitude to take him right to the top! 

Mocha's CC Cherokee Spirit Guide
Mocha's CC Cherokee Spirit Guide
Mocha's CC Cherokee Spirit Guide

Mocha's CC Cherokee Spirit Guide, "Scout"

Mocha's CC Cherokee Spirit Guide, "Scout", won the hearts of the Greenwood Family of Hurricane Hollow Farm, Keene, NH, when he was 2 weeks old! Congratulations! Melanie and Scout garnered Top Ten Placings at the AMHR National Show in 2010! Watch for Melanie and Scout in the show ring in 2011 and beyond.

Please check back for announcements of future foals.
I already miss the sleepless nights and adrenaline rush that
accompany each birth.
If you have a special interest any one cross in particular, please contact me
and perhaps we can arrange a 'custom' Mocha Miniature for you.

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